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The Chew (ABC) Foolproof Festive Feasts (HD, New, TV-PG) Actress Jodie Sweetin talks about "Fuller House"; celebrity chef Sandra Lee visits the hosts.
General Hospital (ABC) (HD, New, TV-14) Dante and Nathan try to extract information from Valentin; Nina gets defensive about her actions; Liz starts to take matters into her hands.
The Dr. Oz Show 21 Ways To Be Healthy Even When You're Broke (HD, New, TV-PG) Dr. Oz shows how to acquire essential health items, such as eyeglasses, bandages, toothbrushes and energy bars, all without paying any money.

Cybill Name That Tune (TV-14) Cybill accompanies an anxious Ira to his first stand-up comedy performance, and though he faints, Cybill gets an offer to sing in "Name That Tune."
Cybill From Boca, with Love (TV-14) While Ira's mother is in town for a visit, Cybill lets her stay at her place, but Ruth's ideas for Zoey's future differ greatly from Cybill and Ira's.
Spin City Brotherly Love (TV-14) A jealous Charlie tries to drive a rift between Caitlin and her newest boyfriend; Carter tries to prevent his coworkers from learning a secret.
Spin City A Shot in the Dark, Part 1 (TV-14) Charlie is angry at Caitlin for taking a vacation with Tom, so he devises a plan for revenge; the Mayor hires a homeless man who happens to be an old friend.
Grace Under Fire Matthew Gets Busted (TV-14) Matthew's adoptive mother gets angry with Grace for interfering when he gets arrested by the campus police for a prank.
Grace Under Fire Grace Really Under Fire (TV-14) A disturbed and disgruntled former employee enters the refinery with a weapon and takes everyone hostage.

Brothers in Arms (TV-14, R, **) Two outlaw brothers bring their gang back together to rob the bank of an unscrupulous governor who was involved in the murder of their other brother's family.
Connors' War (TV-14, R) A blind and betrayed CIA agent turns to doctor for assistance in turning the tables on the group of officials he is seeking in order to get his revenge.
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