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« Dancing with the Stars (ABC) (HD, New, TV-PG) Disney is celebrated through the years as the 10 remaining couples perform songs from Disney films, which include "Moana" and "Pinocchio.
Good Doctor (HD)
ABC Action News at 11:00PM (HD) The ABC Action News team brings you local news from all over the Bay area, breaking news and Florida's most accurate weather forecast.
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) (HD, New, TV-14) Jimmy Kimmel hosts a late-night talk show including monologues, comedy sketches and interviews with talented celebrities and musical guests.

Roseanne Thanksgiving '93 (TV-14) Thanksgiving at the Conner home finds Mark and Dan duking it out, Nana Mary revealing Bev's wedding secret and Becky preparing the turkey.
Roseanne The Driver's Seat (TV-PG) Roseanne worries that she might become as abusive to her children as her parents were to her after she gets angry at D.J. for stealing her car.
Roseanne White Trash Christmas (TV-PG) Dan and Roseanne snub the neighborhood association and then get mad when Becky gives her check to Mark and begins a waitress job at a trashy bar.
That '70s Show Leaving Home Ain't Easy (TV-14) While Fez's rejection prompts Jackie to try and make his life miserable, Bob makes an announcement that forces Donna to make a life-changing choice.
That '70s Show Love of My Life (TV-14) Kitty and Red find that leaving their home behind in order to move to Florid is a much more challenging experience than they had anticipated.
That '70s Show That '70s Finale (TV-14) Kelso returns to town and the entire gang gets back together; Kitty and Red ponder moving away; Eric returns to give Donna a kiss.

« Walker, Texas Ranger Brainchild (TV-PG) A boy with telepathic power runs away from a research facility when a computer tells him that a scientist may be trying to kill him.
Walker, Texas Ranger Small Blessings (TV-14) A troubled pair of orphaned siblings accidentally witnesses a grisly homicide, and Walker must protect them before they can testify in court.
Death Wish 3 (TV-14, R, *+) A family man, once again, takes the law into his own hands as he seeks vengeance for the deaths of his loved ones and for the recent death of a close friend.
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