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« General Hospital (ABC) (HD, New, TV-14) Sonny's nerves grow thin; Brad is confronted by an unfortunate reality; Chase attempts to keep Jordan updated regarding the Corinthos case.
ABC Action News at 3:00PM (HD, New) The ABC Action News team brings you local news from all over the Bay area, breaking news and Florida's most accurate weather forecast.
ABC Action News at 4:00PM (HD)
ABC Action News at 5:00PMABC Action NewsABC Action News Live StreamABC Action News on TwitterABC Action News on Facebook (HD, New) An up-to-the minute newscast along with timely updates on sports events, Tampa area weather conditions and traffic are provided by the ABC Action News Team.

Night Court Can't Buy Me Love (TV-14) Christine questions the longevity of her marriage; Dan is excited to participate in a bachelor auction for charity, but he soon regrets it when he's bid on.
Night Court Death Takes a Halloween (TV-14) Harry puts a defendant known as the "Spirit of Death" behind bars on Halloween, and after doing so, people stop dying, including his next victim.
Night Court Crossroads, Part 1 (TV-14) The entire court ends up forced to spend the whole night in the courtroom after a medical scares leaves the building quarantined.
That '70s Show Hunting (TV-14) Midge and Kitty stay at home playing poker with the girls while Red and Bob take the guys out for some good, old fashioned hunting.
That '70s Show Red Gets a Job (TV-14) Both Red and Eric apply for jobs at the new Pricemart and Red ends up as Eric's supervisor; Kelso hopes to score with Laurie but she just wants to talk.
That '70s Show Burning Down the House (TV-PG) Jackie plans a small dinner party while her parents are out of town, but Kelso turns it into a giant, destructive bash; Red learns that Bob wears a toupee.

« The Virginian If You Have Tears (TV-PG) When a friend of the Virginian and Trampas is framed for the death of a husband in Montana, the two investigate despite the fact that he is a known womanizer.
Tales of Wells Fargo Man of Another Breed (TV-PG) A retiring Wells Fargo stationmaster is stabbed after two thieves steal from the safe, putting Hardie to work to find the two murderers.
Tales of Wells Fargo The Most Dangerous Man Alive (TV-PG) Jim faces a murderer known as "the worst killer the West ever knew."

« Court TV Live (HD)
Court TV Live (HD)
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